ELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8TH                        


Bill Hennessy   ~   Pat Snyder   ~   Tom Dolin 


      Is Against Large Scale Big Box Commercial Retail Development (Mega Malls) in New Scotland

●      Supports Expanding Our Commercial Tax Base With Sound Economic Development and Without Higher Taxes,  Increased Crime, Loss of Air Quality and Traffic Jams.  

●      Supports Sustaining and Preserving Our Town's Character and Natural Resources 

●      Is Committed to Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility 

      Is Against Fracking

                     Teamwork is the Key to Protecting Our Town 
                        from Uncontrolled Harmful Development

 It's election time again and with it our chance to get a size cap law passed once and for all!

    For the past two years, Town Supervisor Tom Dolin and Board members Doug LaGrange and Daniel Mackay, have worked to pass a size cap law to sensibly control large scale commercial retail development in our beautiful Town.  Their efforts were blocked however, when the Bender Farm owners' protest petition required a vote of at least 4 of the 5 Board members in favor, and the remaining two Board members voted against. Those two Board members have chosen not to run for re-election.  

    Without a size cap our Town remains vulnerable to big box development and its well known negative and harmful impacts. Only with the addition of candidates Pat Snyder and Bill Hennessy to Tom, Doug and Dan's Team, can the scales finally be tipped and the law passed.   

    Help us help you.  Vote for Tom Dolin, Pat Snyder and Bill Hennessy.  They are all endorsed by the Democratic, Independence and Conservative parties.  Click on their tabs above for more information about these highly qualified candidates.  Send them an email or call them with your questions and concerns.

  A Message from Town Board Members Doug LaGrange and Daniel Mackay:

We're thrilled that Supervisor Dolin is seeking re-election and that Patty Snyder and Bill Hennessy have committed to seek election to join us on the Town Board.  Their commitment to the well-being of our Town is exemplary. With the addition of their dedication and qualifications, our Team will be able to bring about needed zoning, planning, and other changes our Town needs.  I hope you will join us in supporting them for election to the Town Board.













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