ReElect Supervisor Dolin




Preserving New Scotland for Our Children

             Preserving Our Quality Of Life

  • Initiated  call for MORATORIUM on Big Box development



  • Stood up for our residents and continues to fight for a cap on the size of retail stores


  • Pursued and supported efforts to create Water District  for residents of New Salem;  Voted to Rehabilitate  Feura Bush Water Tank; Voted to Rehabilitate Clarksville Water Tank; Voted to Eliminate Iron from North East Water District water


  • Actively participated in the effort to keep Clarksville Elementary School open and to prevent the closing of the Clarksville Post Office


  • Sponsored "Unsafe Buildings" law 

Saving Our Tax Dollars

  • Working to keep our Town AFFORDABLE for residents


  •  Keeping a lid on taxes


  •  Proposing tax increase for 2012 of less than 2%


  •  Passed a Budget for 2010 with a 5% tax cut

       Improving Government Operations

  • Hired CPA to improve internal controls over receipt and disbursement of funds

  •  Improved Budget process to more accurately reflect Town's finances

  •  Initiated stronger Code enforcement 

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